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Made with Japanese style for everyday comfort and cleanliness.

The Kari-Bauer Series supports penis hygiene.
It keeps the head of the penis exposed to prevent sweating and odors and supports vitality. Using neodymium magnets Kari-Bauer products can be easily attached and adjusted and won't come loose.

Simple to Use

Pull back the foreskin and in just 0.5 seconds it is attached in one simple motion. It can be adjusted to fit any size. The silicon tube can be trimmed to fit you. Please remove the tube before trimming.

Products Feature

Patented Natural Touch

Medical grade silicone tubing is employed at the points of direct skin contact to hold the foreskin firmly in place and provide a pain-free, natural fit. With no feeling of discomfort, it can be worn for 24 hours continuously. (Patented)

The Perfect Fit for You

In order to fit to each individual size, its finely adjustable mechanism can be slightly tightened or loosened in response to individual sensitivity. Adjusting the size for a perfect fit just behind the glans helps prevent it from coming loose. You can be confident it will remain in place.

Keeping it Reliably in Place

With its own V-joint, it reduces pressure on the urethra and allows urine to pass through. (If adjusted to be worn tightly, it is recommended that you remove it before urination.) Also the elastic material helps to respond to unexpected erections.

Your Worries Solved with Simple Attachment

Please attach it just behind the glans with the foreskin pulled back. Being careful not to get the skin caught. Keeping the foreskin firmly pressed and pulled back, exposing the glans head at all times can correct excessive foreskin and maintain hygiene.

Keep a Penis clean

Prevents penis Odor

Relief your Partner

Get a bigger Glans

Special Points

1. How is the fit so good?

Kari-Bauer's inner ring holds the penis with a soft material and maintains the fit.

2. What is the V-shape for?

This keeps the pressure off the urethra so you can fully use the bathroom while wearing one.

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Fun Facts

Good Reputation

We have received good feedback since it went on the market.

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Product Type

You Can Choose

You can use it for different purposes in accordance to the use.

Features: Light, surface-textured tube.
Color: Black, white, smoke and brown.

Light Type

This is the entry level model. The center contains a magnet.

    Features: Sport, mirror-finished tube.
    Color: Blue and white or red and white.

Sports Type

For use when playing light sport, the Sports model has been engineered to a mirror-finish with a string grip. The inner side of the tube is made with especially soft material to avoid discomfort.

    Features: AMG single unit, surface-textured tube.
    Color: Gold.

AMG Type

For use when playing light sport, the Sports model has been engineered to a mirror-finish with a strong grip.
The inner side of the tube is made with especially soft material to avoid discomfort.

Features: Strong triple, surface-textured tube.
Color: Black, white, smoke or brown.

Strong Type

This is just right for men who want more power. Containing ten neodymium magnets, improving the blood flow and increasing vitality. Heavier than the light type, the pulling effect can increase size. It includes 6mm cylinder magnets.All day 24 hour use is OK.

    Features: Premium, mirror-finished tube.
    Color: White or black.

Premium Type

Kari-Bauer's superior three-piece set. The silicon tube has been perfected to fit and hold the foreskin and prevent it falling off. It includes the following six accessories. Gold-plated 8mm ball magnets and 6mm cylinder magnets. Three rings worn together will make an impression! The perfect set for the perfect gentleman.

    -Made to order
    Kari-Bauer Rugged
    Heavy Weight A8


The Ultimate Men's Accessory
The much-requested rugged-type has arrived. Men called for more weight to improve strength and vitality. Kari-Bauer's new sensation. About 3.6 times heavier and 6-8mm larger, the Bo-Ko-Tsu type uses a bigger, more powerful magnet. You'll love the weight, it'll become a habit.

    Features: mirror-finished tube.
    Color: gold.

Genki Ring

More and more neodymium magnets. Wear it while you sleep to improve vitality and shape up your penis. Results may appear the very next day. For men in their 30s and up. Magnets are thought to have a positive impact on blood flow. The magnetism emitted increases electrical conductivity in the blood which can help to make blood flow more efficient.

Customer Feedback

  • Keeping the foreskin rolled back is hygienic

    Recently I noticed a smell coming from my genital area and upon examination, the skin was sweaty and odorous, and bacteria seemed to be causing the smell. So I looked around for a foreskin brace and found these reviews and made my purchase. When it arrives and you assemble it, I recommend that you don't cut it short. You should cut it to keep the V-shape with the longest possible length. Urination can also be done without discomfort. I wear it all day, and my privates seem to be OK. Also, the smell from the genital area has disappeared.

  • Good item

    I had tried various products, but I gave up soon because of something uncomfortable, such as the size or the fit, or the limitations of my movements causing it to fall off. With some doubt I tried the Kari-Bauer product, and it had a surprisingly good fit when I wore it. You can also wear it with ease and bend backward or sit on a chair without it coming off. Recently, I use the Strong Type all day, and the head of my penis has gotten larger.I have been using this Kali-Bauer foreskin support brace for three months and have no complaints.

  • I recommend it!!

    I continued to worry, tried many cheap versions, and when they all failed, I finally decided to buy this one.I should have chosen this from the start, it is excellent quality. Since there is no discomfort while wearing it, I was confident that I can continue from the very next day! When I look at my snake with it attached, he does seem to look confident (haha!)I recommend it!!

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